"First and foremost, we are business people, 
and real estate is our business."

Real estate, if well selected and managed, benefits investors with an unequaled security and the potential for significant price appreciation. This historical truth has been reestablished by the recent upheaval experienced in the financial markets.  Many of today's most successful individual and institutional investors, here and abroad, have been handsomely rewarded for continuing to utilize real estate as an important component of their investment portfolios during all phases of the economic cycle.

We believe that real estate profits are made when you buy, not when you sell.  In addition to the potential profit analysis of a real estate investment, we look at the downside risk.  If the worst-case analysis does not demonstrate, at a minimum, the return of all capital contributed, we will not buy. The foundation of Madison's approach to real estate is our strong analytical and execution skills, our high level of principal involvement, our work ethic and attention to detail, and our commitment to sound fundamentals.

Our clients can take comfort in the fact that we stress an onsite approach to real estate.  Traditional analysis real estate is supplemented by a detailed exploration of the site, its immediate community and its regional market.