Madison Realty Group, Inc. has built an extensive record of accomplishments in the evaluation, acquisition, development, management and disposition of real estate assets. Madison was founded in 1986 by Ronald Galowich, who has been actively involved in all phases of real estate for the last five decades. Madison Realty Group was formed by Ron while he was the Director of Real Estate Operations for Pritzker & Pritzker, Chicago, Illinois, with the purpose of acting as the General Partner involved in the management and operation of the Pritzker family real estate portfolio.

In 1990, upon retiring from Pritzker & Pritzker, Ron established Madison as an independent real estate entity. In 1993, David Galowich joined Madison's executive team and is now responsible for its strategic direction and operations. In addition to Madison's real estate acquisition, entitlement and development activities on behalf of its principals and its partner investors, Madison offers investment, consulting, development, brokerage, workout, and management services to a select group of corporate and private clients and investors. Our executive group has more than 75 years of combined experience in land development and residential, retail, office, commercial, recreational and industrial real estate projects, valued well in excess of one billion dollars.